“My name is Mark B. and I am a real Alcoholic. I began the re-creation of my life on June 5, 2012 at the FOB after 14 days of treatment. I was picked up that day and started my wonderful journey of sober living in a structured, clean recovery house in Greensboro N.C. The FOB provided me with a safe home to lay my head at night while I concentrated on my recovery. This was my home for 17 months. We are called the Sober Band of Brothers. The Fob has gratefully provided me with learning how to grow through respect, rules, responsibility, recovery and most importantly kindness and love. I am eternally grateful to the director of the FOB, who is like a brother to me, for the opportunity to help me complete the first chapter in my sober live. I am proud to call the FOB the best Recovery home in Greensboro.”

“My name is Kevin R. and I am a recovering Alcoholic and Addict. My journey at The Friends OF Bill began in September of 2013, after I completed a 90-day residential substance abuse treatment program. While in treatment I learned 2 mind-blowing statistics. 1st, the percentage for recovery on average was about 6% and 2nd the odds increase by 66% for those who transition to a recovery house for a minimum of 6 months. There was no doubt I needed to increase my odds to recover so I chose to move in at FOB. This was the best decision I ever made. I chose FOB 1st because of the location. Both houses are within walking distance to AA, NA, meetings, grocery shopping, the bus stop, staffing agencies for work and a local college for studies. FOB provided me a safe, clean sober environment. I learned to live a responsible, respectful, sober life. I never felt lonely or afraid. I was always surrounded by a group of guys who I lived with that I could talk to. The director Tee G. worked with each of us individually to help achieve our goals and keep us accountable during our stay. He helped me find a sponsor who guided me through the 12 steps of AA. I stayed at FOB for 9 months. I am proud to say today I am 2.5 years sober and live back home with my wife and family. I can’t thank nor could I ever repay FOB and its director Tee G. for helping change my life.”